Utilize your data effectively with Office 365 functionality

Making sense of data is crucial to maximizing productivity and resources. With the impressive array of data analysis, monitoring, and organization tools, Microsoft Office 365 enables you to put your data to work.

The Power BI application provided by Office 365 delivers insightful analysis and reports, giving you meaningful results. Indivior uses Power BI to handle the voluminous amount of data generated by medical research with ease; making compliance and approval from the FDA simple.

Share your data insights with others and maximize their reach with your #ModernIntranet or other #Office365 tools.

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Why Intranet Valet?

An Intranet Valet manages your Intranet content to keep it fresh. We’ll assign you an Intranet Valet who will get to know your company and your Intranet. They will work […]

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