Is your Intranet Up-to-Date?

Or do you still have “Welcome to your new Intranet!” proudly emblazoned on your home page?

We’ve all seen it before – technology makes its way into your business, only to languish, unused.

The Intranet is no different. You’ve spend weeks gathering content, design and implement the product, and finally go live.

Now what?

Now we help. We work with your business area owners to collect info and publish it for you.

Intranet help: our simple mission

We Keep Your Intranet FRESH by providing proactive Intranet help.

Have you seen a job description for a business person that includes “must update Intranet content”?

Neither have we.

This is why we work with your business owners to collect information and publish it to the Intranet – so they can focus on the business.

We reach out to business area owners weekly to find out what’s new – and they can always find us!

Intranet help

Your Intranet Valet will write up what she learns and can get approval before publishing. We’ll format images, too – if needed, so the pages look good. We’ll schedule content publishing so it appears in the news stream when it needs to. We do what we can to make your Intranet relevant to your users and your business!

Fall in love with your Intranet!

We’ve partnered with Blue Meteorite to bring you a fantastic intranet solution – Valo Intranet.

It’s a beautiful addition to your SharePoint Online platform that deploys quickly and helps your people stay connected with your business.

It’s an easy intranet at a fixed price for more effective working days. New releases and add-ons coming every month! More than 100,000 daily users and 100+ happy customers worldwide.

Want to join?


We’ll manage your Intranet content for as long as you need, and partner with your team for a smooth transition when you’re ready to take on all or some Intranet content management.

We can manage as much or as little Intranet content as you wish in partnership with your own internal marketing & communications team.

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